workshops and talks

Tailored workshops and talks in user experience and design thinking for start-ups, corporations, and conferences

RED provides local and international training and workshops for multi-disciplinary teams

Our team of strategists, designers, and developers perform all of the training based on our expertise and experience in creating engaging digital experience. We share our methodology and know-how of all aspects of user experience design (UXD) and User Centered Design (UCD), and help your team adapt them to your company or product.

Let your team shine

We can help every member of your team be stronger by helping them think design. With design thinking, every member of the product creation team will learn how to think contextually when developing a project, making the outcome more focused and memorable.

Clients we've trained

We've trained groups from different industries and backgrounds. All of our content is based on our real world expertise as professional researchers, strategists, designers, and programmers. Your team will be trained by people who have spent the past ten years or more developing digital experiences that are loved and used all over the world. While our methodology of product development is shared, the specific topics, content, tools, format, exercises, and discussions are highly customized to meet your needs.

How you'll benefit

  • Put the user in the center of your process
  • Know how to align user needs with your business goals
  • Learn from people who are practitioners in the field
  • Train with tailored content for your team or organization
  • Gain practical knowledge for direct impact
  • Develop methods and thinking that will have long-term affects

Topics we cover

  • Moving to a user-centered thinking organization
  • Strategy for digital products
  • Real-life prototyping
  • Creating and implementing the brand story throughout the product creation continuum
  • Understanding how to conduct user research
  • Keeping focused on your MVP by making sure that the "minimal" is "meaningful"

Duration and Format

  • Length: From 1 hour talks to full day workshops
  • Group Size: Talks don't have a limit, workshops are from 1-80 participants
  • Structure: Pre-session consultation, content customization, live training, and structured follow-ups
  • Location: Local and international

Interested in a workshop or a talk?