ToBe Education

Role playing game platform for the classroom

ToBe Education lets teachers, students, publishers, and content creators turn their content into immersive role playing games played inside the classroom, or just about anywhere else.

Students become characters that have tasks and agendas.



Teachers can manage the game with their dashboard.









Students receive badges for outstanding performances, presenting a different view, adding an interesting resource, and much more.


Above is the ToBe Creator, for those who'd like to create games from scratch. With this easy wizard, they can add their resources, and create characters and scenes.


RED partnered with ToBe to create this incredible product from the ground up. Together, we built and created the strategy, concept, brand, design, animation, user experience, CMS, and programming. So far, its been piloted in various schools around the country, and we've gotten amazing feedback and results. Watch out for ToBe games being played in a school near you!

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