Integrated educational platform for ages 3-5

EduQuest is an educational platform for kids ages 3-5. It caters to an international curriculum, but is inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods of teaching.


With over 250 activities, it is designed for a customized tangible keyboard, as well as desktops and tablets.


Spark, Crystal, Sammy, Grandma, and Neo, are your guides in this interactive educational journey.


Working on Eduquest meant that we got to work closely with an amazing pedagogy team that was super talented and completely devoted to education. Special thanks to the whole Eduquest team, working with you guys is a real honor!


Eduquest from red-id on Vimeo.


For EduQuest, we built and created the strategy, brand, design, animation, CMS, LMS, and programming.

Special thanks to Vered Ganchrow for her beautiful illustratons, and Yana Ioffe for her sound design.




Each person at RED is exceptionally talented in his or her field and together, they are a creative, driven force who take any project to the max.

Ronya Friedlander, Head of Pedagogy

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