Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint 2.0 is a structured process , developed at Google Ventures, that produces a prototype and tests it on 5 real users in just 4 days. It is now used by leading companies such as Google, Facebook, Lego, Slack, and many more.

Why Use Design Sprints?

Instead of investing months trying to build an MVP, not knowing if its even the right thing to build - validate your idea first.

Traditional Method - 4 Steps to Validate

In the traditional model, it takes months, even years to bring a product to market. Often, the "build" part of the project just lingers on and on, as the team loses focus and moral.

Design Sprint - 2 Steps to Validate

Using the Design Sprint 2.0 in your process will quickly tell you what product you should be building by giving you real feedback from users on a real prototype, creating a better product, faster.

When to Run a Design Sprint

New Project

When starting a new project

Validating Features

When adding an important feature to an existing project


When you want to validate a business idea

How we do it

At Red, we run two sprints, prototype and test with 10 users, and handover a viable prototype with an MVP plan.

week 1


  • Customer goals and motivations
  • Business goals
  • Target Demographic
  • Interviews

week 2

Design Sprint 2.0

  • Alignment of goals
  • Ideate
  • Prototype
  • Test on 5 Users

week 3

Iteration Sprint

  • Revise
  • Re-Design
  • Prototype
  • Test on 5 Users

week 4

Project Handover

  • Synthesize
  • Shareable Executive Summary
  • User Interview Video Highlights
  • Interactive Prototype
  • Handover working files
  • MVP Plan

This is what our customers have said about the process


The Design Sprint Training with the RED team was a great opportunity for startups in our accelerator to learn about a new methodology, and for our program to collect feedback from them on how to keep improving our ways of working.

Borja Capella, Global Open Innovation Program Manager, L'Oréal Group

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