Design Sprint?

A Design Sprint is a highly concentrated workshop format developed by Google Ventures for a team of 5 - 7 people where a real-life prototype is developed, which is then tested with real users, in just 4 days!

Who needs one?

Endless meetings without tangible solutions are frustrating. The Design Sprint enables a team to understand the problem together and visualize a tangible solution. Following the motto: "Together Alone", endless conversations and debates are put aside in order to test an idea and get real feedback from users. That saves time and money!

The Design Sprint is great for complex questions such as: new ideas, product or service improvements, apps, website and online shops, new markets, and much more, and have been used by industry leaders such as Lego, Slack, The World Bank, as well as hundreds of start ups.



The Design Sprint Schedule

Here's the breakdown of what happens in a Design Sprint:



What you get

At the end of the first week you get:

  • A high-fidelity prototype that deals with the main idea/problem of your product/service
  • A summary report of all of the major events and decisions that were made during the week
  • Insights on the problems and opportunities from the user testing sessions
  • List of actionable items for the iteration sprint

At the end of the iteration sprint:

  • A high-fidelity, corrected prototype 
  • A summary report of all of the major events and decisions
  • User Testing 2 report
  • List of actionable items on what to do next

How you'll benefit

  • Alignment from stakeholders on goals and problems
  • Alignment from stakeholders on what your service/product should be like
  • Alignment from stakeholders on who your users are
  • Feedback from potential users on your prototype
  • Insight from potential users on perception

What's next?

The prototype and the results will be presented to the stakeholders with a report on what happened, findings, and how to move forward. Furthermore, the valuable user feedback can lead to an iteration sprint, in which the prototype is further improved and can lead as the basis for the actual product.

Why us?

  • We have tons of experience in making great products and services
  • We've got a winning team of creatives
  • We know business, and have our own initiatives
  • We're always researching and updating anything product
  • We're reliable, fun, and we love what we do

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