Integrated educational platform for ages 6-8

Multimind is an educational platform for children ages 6-9. It caters to an international curriculum, but is inspired by Montessori and Reggio Emilia methods of teaching. 


The Multimind learning experience is guided by a group of loveable characters, Lexi, Luno, and Link. They guide you along a wonderful journey of discovery.



Multimind covers 10 major topics, 70 sub-topics, and over 350 activities.


Each sub-topic is explored with various games and stories.




For this Multimind, we built and created the strategy, brand, design, animations, CMS, LMS, and programming.

Special thanks to Vered Ganchrow for her beautiful illustratons, and Yana Ioffe for her sound design.


Each person at Red is exceptionally talented in his or her field and together, they are a creative, driven force who take any project to the max.

Ronya Friedlander, Head of Pedagogy